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How to Check Storage Space on Mac

How to Check Storage Space on Mac With Ease | 2022

[lwptoc] How to Check Storage Space on Mac I was in a rush to get all of my work done before the end of the day. I had just come back from lunch and needed to finish up one more task. I went into my Mac's storage management tool, deleted an app that I knew wouldn't be used until next week, and...
screen record on mac with audio

How to Screen Record on Mac with Audio | 2022

[lwptoc] So you think creating a video recording of your Mac's screen intimidates the heck out of you? Well, don't worry! Apple already has all the tools in place to screen record on Mac with audio. And it couldn't be easier to use--if you know how to take a screenshot on your Mac, then...
how to split screen on ipad pro

How to Split Screen on iPad Pro | Mac Adviser | 2022

[lwptoc] How to Split Screen on iPad Pro The iPad is a tablet that can do so much more than be a device to watch Netflix. Apple's latest update has given the iconic tech an upgrade in functionality by introducing multitasking features such as Split View and Slide Over, which allow you to...
ipad pro HomePod Reset, How to reset HomePod, HomePod mini flashing orange

How-to Hard Reset HomePod in 2022?

Need to reset your HomePod? The HomePod and HomePod mini are incredibly easy to set up. There are two ways to completely reset HomePod or HomePod mini.
How to Connect MacBook Pro to Monitor

How to Connect MacBook Pro to Monitor in 3 Easy Steps | 2022

How to Connect MacBook Pro to Monitor  With a second monitor, you can more easily multitask on your computer. You'll be able to watch videos and work with big spreadsheets and compare documents right next to each other without having them side-by-side on the same screen. If you're looking for a...
How to Set Up an Apple AirTag

How To Set Up An Apple AirTag | 2022

The AirTag is a nifty little gadget that can be used to keep track of personal belongings. Apple annouced its lastest gadget in their Spring Loaded event. Setting up one of Apple's trackers is pretty easy to do. Keep readingt to find out how to set up an Apple AirTag! It isn't too tricky, and...
How to turn off iPad Pro / how to turn on ipad pro

How to Turn off iPad Pro | Mac Adviser | 2022

[lwptoc] How to Turn Off iPad Pro The lack of a Home button on the latest generation iPad Pro has led Apple to make some adjustments and place new hardware gestures. One such change is which power off.  How to turn off iPad Pro  There are two methods to turn off the iPad Pro. One is via buttons,...
Disable Lock Screen Notifications

3 Easy Steps to Disable Lock Screen Notifications on Mac

Are you tired of notifications from displaying up on your Mac's lock screen? Would you like to hide them for privacy purposes? If you're a frequent user of the convenient lock screen feature on the Mac, you may be interested in turning off the display lock screen notifications on Mac....

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