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how long do macbooks last

How Long Do MacBooks Last | 2021

[lwptoc] Curious how long do Macbooks lasts before you need to buy a new one? This article examines Apple's limited support for older MacBooks and whether it is better to upgrade or buy a new one. When the time has come to say goodbye, you should make sure that your replacement is compatible with...
Best MacBook Deals

Best MacBook Deals: MacBooks On Sale August 2021

Best MacBook Deals | MacBook Air M1 Deals f you want a new MacBook Air, but you don’t want to pay full price, you’ve arrived at the right place: we’ve searched the web for the best MacBook Air M1 deals so that you can save money on a new Mac. Apple refreshed the entry-level MacBook Air- 13inch in...
What is the Best Mac Laptop for You? best mac laptop for video editing, best mac laptop for college, best mac laptop for gaming,best macbook for students,

What is the best Mac laptop for you? 2021

[lwptoc] You're in the market for a new Mac laptop, but you're not sure which is the best Mac laptop for you. If this sounds like you, then keep reading! I'm going to break down the differences between each model and talk about what is best suited for your needs. Whether you are looking for...
Apple Working on High-End MacBook Pro With Apple Silicon

Apple Working on High-End MacBook Pro | 2021

Apple Working on High-End MacBook Pro Today, a new report from Bloomberg says Apple's upcoming high-end MacBook Pro could feature a new Apple Silicon chip that will offer eight high-performance cores and two high-efficiency cores, available in either 16 or 32 graphics core variations. These...
Apple MacBook Air M2 Leak

Apple MacBook Air M2 Leak in New Blue Color

The next Apple MacBook Air M2 will feature an entirely new design that comes in colors such as those found for their popular 24 inch iMacs; according to leaker Jon Prosser, who now has reportedly accurate renders of these machines, created from leaks. In a new video uploaded to YouTube, Front Page...
Reset SMC MacBook Pro

How to Reset SMC MacBook Pro & MacBook Air | 2021

[lwptoc] Reset SMC MacBook Pro If your MacBook starts acting up, you should probably run through some standard troubleshooting procedures. Some of these include restarting it and running Disk Utility as well as doing a Safe Boot. You can also try zapping the NVRAM if none of those work to...
How to Find the Serial Number on a MacBook

How to Find the Serial Number on a MacBook

How to Find the Serial Number on a MacBook The following article is not difficult or complicated but yet still provides crucial information that can be helpful for all types of readers who are trying to figure out their own MacBook serial numbers: The article explains how to find the serial on a...
Apple MacBook deals today | M1 MacBook Pro hits all-time low

Apple MacBook deals today | M1 MacBook Pro hits all-time low

[lwptoc] Here at Mac Adviser, our team is always looking for the best Apple MacBook deals so you don't have to. We track prices and discounts across all retailers, including Apple's official store to find the lowest price possible on this iconic MacBook. That way, no matter your budget or...
MacBook Pro 16-inch Price Drop

MacBook Pro 16-inch Price Drop! | $300 Discount!

MacBook Pro 16-Inch Price Drop! HUGE!  The MacBook Pro is the ultimate notebook for anyone who needs to do more. It's designed with an immersive Retina display, superfast processors, advanced graphics, and the largest battery capacity ever in a MacBook Pro. And it comes with Magic Keyboard and...

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