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Reset SMC MacBook Pro

How to Reset SMC MacBook Pro & MacBook Air | 2022

[lwptoc] Reset SMC MacBook Pro If your MacBook starts acting up, you should probably run through some standard troubleshooting procedures. Some of these include restarting it and running Disk Utility as well as doing a Safe Boot. You can also try zapping the NVRAM if none of those work to...
Apple MacBook Air M2 Leak

Apple MacBook Air M2 Leak in New Blue Color

The next Apple MacBook Air M2 will feature an entirely new design that comes in colors such as those found for their popular 24 inch iMacs; according to leaker Jon Prosser, who now has reportedly accurate renders of these machines, created from leaks. In a new video uploaded to YouTube, Front Page...
M1 MacBook Air vs Pro

M1 MacBook Air vs Pro | Battle of the Best

Macbook Air Vs MacBook Pro. Apple released the M1 chip to power three new Macs. We breakdown the MacBook Pro & Macbook Air to see what’s the best MacBook Today.
MacBook Air M1, M1 MacBook Air

New Mighty Apple MacBook Air M1

This November, Apple released a refreshed MacBook Air M1 lineup with the newly designed M1 chip, the first Apple-designed Arm-based chip. M1 chips replace the.
m1 MacBook Pro

Powerful M1 MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip

[lwptoc] New Powerful Apple M1 MacBook Pro Apple refreshed the entry-level M1 MacBook Pro  in November 2020, adding Apple's newly designed M1 Arm-based chip to replace the previous outdated and underperforming Intel chips. M1 chips bring meaningful speed and performance improvements. With up to...
MacBook Pro M1 deals MacBook Pro M1 discount

MacBook Pro M1 Deals: $150 Price Drop

MacBook Pro M1 Deals. If you have been thinking about buying a Mac but don’t look to spend more than $1600+, then the MacBook Pro M1 would be a perfect choice.
How to Connect MacBook Pro to Monitor

How to Connect MacBook Pro to Monitor in 3 Easy Steps | 2022

How to Connect MacBook Pro to Monitor  With a second monitor, you can more easily multitask on your computer. You'll be able to watch videos and work with big spreadsheets and compare documents right next to each other without having them side-by-side on the same screen. If you're looking for a...
MacBook Pro 16-inch Price Drop

MacBook Pro 16-inch Price Drop! | $300 Discount!

MacBook Pro 16-Inch Price Drop! HUGE!  The MacBook Pro is the ultimate notebook for anyone who needs to do more. It's designed with an immersive Retina display, superfast processors, advanced graphics, and the largest battery capacity ever in a MacBook Pro. And it comes with Magic Keyboard and...

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