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CleanMyMac X: Keeps your Mac Fast and Safe! | 2021

You know that feeling when you open up an app and it doesn't want to work? You click on the icon in your dock, wait for what feels like an eternity, then finally, the loading bar appears. Your heart skips a beat as you watch the progress bar inch closer and closer until finally, it stops. The dreaded spinning wheel appears, and nothing happens. Well, if you do, keep reading about CleanMyMac X.

The concept of malware isn't new to Mac users, but the reality is that it's not something any computer user should have to deal with. However, with Apple products becoming more popular and desirable, malicious software developers target Macs just as they would PCs. The problem is getting worse and, for many people, has become a genuine concern.

CleanMyMac X is like a virtual assistant just for your Mac, by keeping it uncluttered to run like new. Temporary files tend to build upon your drive until you run out of space, which leads to your Mac running sub-optimal, making it feel slower. CleanMyMac X offers a complete toolkit to deal with these problems.

Clean My Mac X – Clean Up 

Smart Scan

SmartScan takes all sorts of steps towards optimizing your Mac with only one quick click. From deleting unwanted files and fixing those annoying minor bugs to providing helpful advice on keeping everything running smoothly–all these tasks are achieved by standing back watching as SmartScan seamlessly accomplishes them right before our very eyes.

Smart Scan does more than you can imagine in a single, simple mouse-click. It sweeps your system for viruses and malware before giving great tips on how to speed up the entire thing. So whether it's taking care of pesky errors or speeding things up so that they're flyin', this isn't something any computer lover should be living without.

System Junk

You don't know the half of it, Mac users. Clutter is born and lives deep down in system folders. It's called System Junk:

    • Caches
    • Outdated DMG installers
    • Broken app data
    • Extra localizations that are now nothing but dead weight

CleanMyMac X wipes them away with a laser speed–and helps resolve all kinds of pesky system errors for an excellent measure-a job every Mac needs once in a while. This revolutionary software not only cleans away all these useless files but also resolves any errors caused by them as a well-a job every Mac needs once in a while.

Mail Attachments

Every attachment you receive in Mail gets saved to your Mac. There's a lot of attachments that you receive in your Mail, from PDFs to signatures. It can be time-consuming and tedious checking every single attachment one by one for the tiny paperclip icon next to them. This is where CleanMyMac X comes into play by deleting all of the saved attachments on your Mac.

Trash Bins

Macs have their fair share of trash too, but CleanMyMac X empties all of them with only a click. It finds all your Trash bins: external drive trashes, Mail trash, Photos trash, and other app-specific trash — then this program will empty everything for you.

Interested in CleanMyMac X? Check out the website here

Clean My Mac X – Protection 

Malware Removal

Macs are much better than windows for security, but we are still a target for hackers, which means you need to be on the lookout at all times. CleanMyMac X brings your computer back into shape by removing any viruses lurking in secret corners of your system with just one click.

CleanMyMac X is the ultimate anti-malware software for your Mac. You can scan and detect any malicious programs in just one click. CleanMyMac X will also protect you against ransomware, malware, adware, spyware, etc. CleanMyMac X does regular scans on your computer to ward off these wicked apps from causing havoc, like they do on Windows computers.


Privacy is the ultimate Mac cleaner. CleanMyMac X's Privacy gives you complete control over your browsing history, as well as other online and offline activities that might be keeping a digital footprint on your system. With CleanMyMac X's Secure Erase feature, it will take a team of investigators tracing your digital footprint to find out what you were up to last week or even yesterday.

Clean My Mac X – Speed


Launch Agents: CleanMyMac X will scan through every inch of space on your Mac, looking for anything suspicious like launch agents hanging out just waiting to use more RAM than they should. Stop those sneaky programs before they slow down everything else.

Heavy Consumers: Power-hungry apps can slow down your Mac. CleanMyMac X gives you the ability to shut down heavy consumers' programs, quit apps when they get hung up on things like formatting videos or photo albums for Facebook. CleanMyMac X gives you the ability to see those programs running in the background that maybe you don't need all the time. Well, now you can bring them under control by turning off their stuff if it isn't required right now.

Launch Agents: Forget about the background – CleanMyMac X's got you covered. It quickly scans your computer for any possible threats that might be taking up precious memory and offers a list of options on how to get rid of them; it could be the difference in whether or not your Mac is running smoothly.


Running maintenance scripts is an excellent way to keep your Mac in winning shape. This tool initiates various under-the-hood optimizations like rearranging system libraries, rotating logs, and databases — all those magic tricks! Running these every day will help speed up a slow Mac.

Clean My Mac X – Application


The Uninstaller will show you every single app installed on your system so you can see what's taking up space or slowing down performance without having to search through folders one by one. And if any apps are no longer needed or wanted, they can be removed quickly and easily with just a click of the button! CleanMyMac X also checks Spotlight Plugins, Safari Extensions, Preference Panes, and Internet Plugins. 


CleanMyMac X is the only app that can update all of your apps in one click. It checks for new arrivals, including those not from the Mac App Store. You'll have a fresh, fully equipped Mac with everything updated in just one click. And it's easy to use! Just download and install it on your computer, then run the Updater once a week or so to make sure everything stays up-to-date.

Clean My Mac X – Files

Large & Old Files

CleanMyMac X is a Mac cleaner that locates and deletes large files taking up space on your computer. CleanMyMac can find files hidden in all the various folders, downloads, or old videos scattered across hard drives; it's like having an assistant who goes through those annoying emails for you before work! The filters help review what to keep while not wasting time scrolling endlessly through every file by hand.


Did you know files from your Mac can still be recovered, even after you delete them? If you have confidential files that you want to get rid of, there are two ways to do it. One way is by dragging the files into your Trash bin and deleting them from there, but some traces of data remain.  The other option would be shredding the documents with CleanMyMac X erases all traces of data, including digital footprints, when deleted from an individual's computer screen. If privacy or confidentiality matters, then make sure CleamMyMac X takes care of business securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CleanMyMac X Safe?

Yes, the CleanMyMac X is safe for your Mac. It is a popular and well-respected cleaner with a long history of running well on all macOS versions.


Is CleanMyMac X compatible with macOS Big Sur?

Yes, CleanMyMac X is compatible with Big Sur.


Is CleanMyMac compatible with M1 Macs?

Yes! CleanMyMac X has native support for Apple Silicon Macs. This update has brought some new features to CleanMyMac X, such as Universal binaries. These files allow apps to run on both Intel-based and Apple Silicon Macs.


Interested in CleanMyMac X? Check out the website here

View the article about M1 Macs support. 

Who has used CleanMyMac X before? What were your thoughts? Drop your comments down below!


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