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iPhone 13 Pro 2021

iPhone 13 Pro 2021 | New Leaks

The Phone 13 Pro 2021 leak has exposed lots of exciting features about the next iPhone's design, cameras, and more. Thanks to Filip Koroy at EverythingApplePro with the help of the leaker Max Weinbach. The news focus on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, but Weinbach also yielded some specifications on the size and inner operations of the Apple AirTags, and what to anticipate at Apple's April event.

iPhone 13 Pro 2021 Colors

Apple's Graphite or Space Gray colorway is recurring for the iPhone 13 Pro but in a unique blacker matte color. Apple is designing an orange or bronze version, and the orange version has reached the first stage of product evaluation as per the leaks. However, Weinbach states this color may not earn its keep and make it to production.

iPhone 13 Pro 2021 Design

A lesser but pleasant addition to EAP's design is a better fingerprint-resistant coating on the stainless steel rail around the iPhone's edge. This has been a discussion topic for iPhone 12 owners because of the fingerprint smudging on the iPhone 12 edges. 

EAP also recaps recent rumors about the iPhone 13's notch. For the first time since the notch's debut with the iPhone X, it's becoming smaller. The notch on the iPhone shrinks in width, thanks to new combined infrared sensors and face id, with the camera sitting to the left.  

iPhone 13 Pro 2021 Camera 

According to the new leak, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be introducing flatter rear camera modules and lens protrusion. It wasn't unusually prominent, to start with, although this will further avoid the cameras snagging on pockets and possibly falling out of your hands.

The iPhone 13 Pro 2021 models are expected to include an improved Ultra Wide lens, by Apple upgrading to a 6-element lens from 5, which is assumed to have been formed possible by design and production advantages.

The Pro Max offers a marginally more powerful telephoto zoom also a more significant, sensor-shift-enabled primary camera. The new system will use the camera lenses and the LiDAR sensor from the iPhone 12 pro to help make more precise divisions separating the subject and the background.

iPhone 13 Pro 2021 Release Date

Apple's 2021 iPhone 13 is assumed to be revealed in the fall of 2021, with the company likely intending to return to its popular September launch timeline. iPhone 13 models shouldn't face the same production delays as the iPhone 12 and be available by late September.


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