2021 iPhone 13 renders,2021 iPhone 13 renders with rejuvenated camera bump

New 2021 iPhone 13 renders with rejuvenated camera bump

Today and yesterday's release of schematics and 2021 iPhone 13 renders from Svet Apple give us a closer look at some of the design changes Apple could have in store for the 2021 iPhone 13 lineupSvet Apple has published new renders creating what the iPhone 13 mini could resemble with certain modifications.

The concept renders released by Svet Apple demonstrate what these changes may look like as they relate to the smaller 5.4-inch iPhone Mini.

2021 iPhone 13 Renders by Svet Apple

2021 iPhone 13 Schematics

Some render emerged yesterday, showcasing an iPhone 13 with some exciting modifications to the back camera array. The most striking transformation in these renders was the change in the design of the camera bump.

Rather than being stacked vertically like the iPhone 12, the render sets the cameras diagonally. The iPhone 13 notch is also assumed to be smaller this year, as detailed by varied sources.

We expect only minor technical spec upgrades to the iPhone 13 cameras, so it isn't immediately clear why Apple needs to change the dual-camera arrangement. It also gives open to whether the iPhone 13 Pro's triple-camera system's triangular design would also be changing.

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