New iPad Pro 2021

The New iPad Pro 2021 arriving soon but with a limited supply

Bits of rumors have suggested that Apple will introduce the new iPad Pro 2021 models at some point in the first half of the year, and Bloomberg has reported that these models ought to show up in April. While we're hanging tight for some news, Bloomberg today detailed that the new 2021 iPad Pro is undoubtedly coming in the not-so-distant future. The report states Apple has been dealing with issues with the production of the new iPad Pro models, especially with Mini-LED shows' stock, which is relied upon to replace the LCD screen in the 12.9-inch model.

“Apple still intends to announce updated iPad Pro tablets in two sizes as early as this month, other people familiar with its product road map said. The MiniLED screen, which will improve contrast ratios and deliver a brighter picture, will be exclusive to the pricier 12.9-inch model. The production hiccup could mean that the larger iPad Pro will ship later and be available in constrained quantities, to begin with, the people said.”

Another report from Bloomberg stated:

“In testing, the new iPad Pros have used a Thunderbolt connector, the same port on the latest Macs with custom Apple processors. The port doesn't require new chargers, but it would enable connectivity with additional external monitors, hard drives, and other peripherals. It's also faster at syncing data than the USB-C technology used in the current models.”

New iPad Pro 2021 price

Assume Apple's pricing for the 11-inch iPad Pro ($750) and 12.9-inch iPad Pro ($999) to remain around the same. The last two generations of iPad Pro devices stuck to this pricing, and everything we see hints that will remain. 

The introduction of the mid-range iPad Air gives Apple no reason to drop the iPad Pro's price. Furthermore, Apple doesn't seem to be adding much to this year's iPad Pro that would give them an reason to increase the price.

New iPad Pro 2021 specs

Bloomberg also corroborates that the new iPad Pro 2021 update will deliver upgraded performance and enhanced camera capabilities. “The new models will look similar to the current iPad Pros and come in the same 11-inch and 12.9-inch screen sizes,” the report from Bloomberg states.

On March 17th, Bloomberg reported that Apple had tested new iPad Pro 2021 models with a Thunderbolt port. The iPad Pro uses USB-C connectivity, which features an identical port design but more limited expandability. Upgrading that port to be Thunderbolt-compatible would allow iPad Pro users to connect to different displays and additional accessories.

New iPad Pro 2021 M1 chip

We've seen differing rumors about the processor in the new iPad Pro 2021, and the latest suggests that it will operate on a chip that's a variant of the A14 Bionic chip seen in the iPhone 12. The two iPads are expected to feature a refreshed A14X processor on even playing ground with the Apple Silicon M1 chip that powers the new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini.

We don't know yet if Apple will hold a special event to launch the new products or if the company will announce the new iPad Pro 2021 by a press release. Last year Apple didn't have a special event and released the new iPad by press release.

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