How to Change Siri's Voice,change Siri's voice

How to Change Siri’s Voice | iOS 14.5 | 2021


How to Change Siri's Voice iOS 14.5 

In iOS 14.5, Apple introduced two new Siri voices in English and added a setup selection option that lets new users choose their preferred ‌‌Siri‌‌ voice rather than defaulting to a female voice in the United States.

The new voices, which Apple says, add more diversity in speech, and the voices flow more organically through phrases generated on the fly. If you've updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 14.5 andiPadOS 14.5, you can change the ‌Siri‌ voice after setup to decide which one you prefer. Take the following steps to change Siri's voice:


iOS 14.5- How to Change Siri's Voice 3

  1. Open the Settings app on your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌.
  2. Next, Tap Siri & Search.
  3. Tap Siri Voice.
  4. Choose a ‌Siri‌ “Variety,” Next choose a Voice from the selection available. 
  5. The Siri you choose will have a checkmark next to it once the voice has been downloaded.

How to Change Siri's Voice on Mac

iOS 14.5- How to Change Siri's Voice 3

The number of Voice options available depends on the Variety that you choose. For example, American offers the most with four voices, whereas the AustralianBritishIrisIndian, and South African only offer two.

With iOS 14.5 beta 6 there are improvements to the Siri voices in Ireland, Russia, and Italy, improving them to neural text to speech. This means that 38 voices are now utilizing this new technology. Siri now handles 25 billion requests on over 500M devices and supports 21 languages in 36 countries.

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